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This is the most interesting and possibly the most rewarding part of my job. While the industry is focused on promoting the accumulation of assets during our working years, very little attention is paid to the difficult and time-consuming task of distributing those assets during retirement.

If you want to know the truth, most financial advisors aren’t paid to do this work and thus choose to ignore the process entirety. A majority of CPAs simply don’t offer the service. As a result, proper distribution strategies are neglected and retirees are subject to excessive taxation. To make matters worse, poor planning often burdens heirs with taxes that could have been avoided.

The key to proper retirement income planning is preparing mock tax return prior to year end and reviewing it with a competent tax professional.  Appropriate retirement income and tax planning simply cannot be done after the fact.

Granada clients benefit from this proactive approach to retirement income planning. Countless hours are spent evaluating strategies to maximize retirement income, minimize taxation and preserve estates. Conference calls and meetings with CPAs are commonplace.  

Unfortunately this blog is not the appropriate venue to share the details of these strategies. Advising clients as to their most effective retirement distribution strategy requires the coordination of an in-depth knowledge of all types of retirement plans and demands an awareness of the latest changes to the tax code. This knowledge and resulting service is a significant competitive advantage for the firm. 

While we look forward to posting general articles in regards to common questions faced by retirees, please contact us with specific questions or for a complimentary review of your current retirement income strategy.